Sunday, 27 February 2011

Loopcast03: Tre Turner

The Loopcast is a series of podcasts from Glasgow club promoters Loop. Each episode features an hour long mix from the Loop DJ's or their friends and many collaborators. Expect to hear music from across the many forms of House and Techno...

Episode three comes all the way from Amsterdam and is supplied by the first ever Loop guest Tre Turner. Only fitting that he be the first guest on the podcast also.

Here' s what he had to say about the mix...

Quite an old-school feel with this one, there are a couple of newer tracks in there but they tend to lean toward classic sounds. I used two Technics 1210s, an old Numark mixer and recorded it through Traktor Scratch. Every track was on vinyl other than my own one. It's a little rough around the edges at times but as Jeff Mills says, "that's how we like to party!"

Master C & J "Face it" (Dub It)[Trax]
Mia Hesterley "Spark" [KMS]
Steffi "November" [Underground Quality]
Maurizio "M7"
Virgo Four "Lites Go Out" [White]
Jus Ed "All Across the Floor [Underground Quality]
Quantec "Now More Than Ever" [Modelisme]
K. Hand "Mystery" [Tresor]
Claro Intelecto "Signifier" [Artificial Intelligence]
Sha-Lor "I'm in Love" [ZYX]
Fingers Inc. "Washing Machine" [Trax]
St. Andy "Motor City" [Psycho Thrill]
Chez Damier "Can U Feel It" (2 1/2 Step) [KMS]
Tre Turner "Soul Away" (Unreleased)
Kink & Neville Watson "Metropole" [Rush Hour]
Sweet Coffee "Keep on Running" (Sterac Electronics Club Mix) [541] 

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