Sunday, 30 January 2011

Loopcast02: Jamie Knox

The Loopcast is a series of podcasts from Glasgow club promoters Loop.

Each episode features an hour long mix from the Loop DJ's, their friends and their many collaborators.

Expect to hear music from across the many forms of Techno...

Volume 2 comes from Loop resident and co-founder Jamie Knox.

Tracklist as follows...
Helt - Set Beat - Mark Broom Mix (Fulbarr Digital)
Fabio Gianneli - Tin Drum - Steve Lawler Mix (Supernature)
Marco Carola - Groove Catcher (M-nus)
The Drunkers - Addictive (Substudio Records)
Matheo Velez - Ying Yang (Deep Disco Music)
Alec Trusk - Minimalerie (Substudio Records)
Jonno Brien - Be Alright Feat Tanya Sullivan - Alan Fitzpatrick Mix (Full Tilt Recordings)
NiederFlur - Mimesis - Jonas Kopp Filtered Mind Mix (Niederfleur Tracks)
Andre Up - Lantis (Highgrade)
Rich Jones - Jester (8 Sided Dice)
Carlo Lio - White (Sci & Tec)
Paul Ritch - Spoke (Drumcode)
Alan Fitzpatrick - The Heist (8 Sided Dice)
John Acquaviva and Alex Delia - Salamandra - Nihil Young Mix (Definitive)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Loopcast01: Neill Murphy

The Loopcast is a new series of podcasts from Glasgow club promoters Loop. The podcast will feature a series of one hour long mixes from the Loop residents and their many collaborators.

Volume 1 of the series comes from Loop resident and co-founder Neill Murphy.

Tracklist as follows...

Vaghe Stelle - Emiciclo 1 (Monkeytown)
Steffi - My Room (Ostgut Ton)
Derek Plaslaiko - Raw Jam - Jonas Kopp Remix (Perc Trax)
Future Beat Alliance - Endless Blue (Tresor)
Boys Noize - Trooper - Robert Hood Remix (Boys Noize Records)
Funk D'Void - 37.2 (Outpost)
Funk D'Void & Sian - A Wasp in a Wig (Soma)
Alan Fitzpatrick - They Cant Defeat Us (Drumcode)
Martyn - Is This Insanity feat Spaceape - Ben Klock Mix (3024)
Sawf - Empilota (Perc Trax)
BCR Boys - Coded by the Girl in Red - Sawf Remix (Perc Trax)
Monoloc - Nohouse (Sleaze Records)
Aux88 - Dragon Fly (Puzzlebox)
Marcel Fengler - Razkaz (Ostgut Ton)
Subeena - Picture (Opit Records)
Danton Eeprom - The Infinity Symbol - Perc Remix (Tsuba)